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Our 4-Week Poetry Instructor

3 Feb

J Diego Frey chimes in with a few tidbits of personal info before his young writers class starts at Lighthouse Thursday February 17th (and four Thursdays thereafter) from 4 to 6pm. Interested in learning how to write fabulous poems under the guidance of someone who can write on all manner of subjects–from uncles’ toupets to feral cats? Sign up here!

From JD…

Things about me:

–Denver native

–One book published: “Umbrellas or Else”

–Strongest literary influences: Bob Frost, Ted Geisel, Mad Magazine, Mike Henry

And one of his poems, to boot:


All of our houses have the same face,
so I gave mine a large nose.
Which I think makes it look a bit out of place
among all of these houses that share the same face.
Better that, though, than to blend without trace.
To become anonymous is to be eaten by bozos.
All of our houses have the same face,
so I gave mine a large nose.

JD Frey — August 4, 2010


Instructor Joel Jacobson on Poetic Pool Floaties

19 Aug
I had the privilege of teaching at Lighthouse summer camp for the second consecutive year. The best part of coming back was to see Justin’s face when I walked in for the open-house-pizza-party-scavenger-hunt as he groaned, “You again?” Such a warm welcome from a seasoned summer camp veteran.

Okay, I lied. This wasn’t the best part of summer camp. It was the best part of the open house. Still, it was nice to return to the fold of relationships that I was able to launch last year as a first-year instructor. And I use the term instructor loosely because I spent more time picking my jaw up off the floor in sheer amazement of the talent around me than actually instructing. It was refreshing to see campers take risks with their writing, risks with sharing their writing, risks with revising their writing.

I’m honored to be a part of the creative process, to provide a literary diving board, to grab poetic pool floaties and beat each other senseless with them. It’s one thing when a writer sits down to invent, it’s another when writers come together to create, to encourage, to support, and to challenge. I come to summer camp because I want to inspire kids and teens to change the world one word/poem/story at a time. I leave summer camp changed by the thoughtfulness and ingenuity of a group kids unafraid to give their art to the world.