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That Doesn’t Go There

24 May

By Hannah
3rd Grade

Sam was a nine-year-old boy. When he was only a couple of months old his mom put his diaper on his head instead of between his legs. Ever since then, he thought that it was right to wear underwear on your head.

When he went to school he tried to tell other classmates to wear their underwear on their heads. None of them listened because they knew it was a bad habit of Sam’s. Nobody wanted to be his friend because they thought he was weird. He still wore Pull-ups and wanted to show everybody his Dora The Explorer Pull-ups. No one wanted to be his friend because they were going to be embarrassed to be seen with Sam.

He decided he had to get rid of the bad habit if he was going to get friends. He became potty trained without having to use Pull-ups. Then he glued all of his underwear to his dresser. “There,” he said. “Weird stuff that I don’t need!” He strutted out of the room, satisfied with his work.

His mom saw what he had done and yelled, “Samuel John McPherson! What on earth do you think you are doing?! A thing like that! What are you, two?”

Sam replied, “I’m doing it so that people will like me! And I’m not two. I’m nine!”

His mom said, “Unglue it right now or you are going to get THE BAD FOOD TREATMENT!”

“Oh no! Not THE BAD FOOD TREATMENT!” Sam cried. “I will unglue it right away!”

And he did it in a jiffy!

After it was all unglued, he needed a new way to get rid of his underwear. So he threw it away, although he loved his underwear so much. Again satisfied with his work, he left his room.

His mom was spying on him and gave him the hairy eyeball, which means, “Oh, really? Do you think you are going to get away with that?” His mom took the underwear out of the trash can and put it in Sam’s dresser.

Sam came back and saw his underwear in his dresser. “What! Is this magic underwear or something like that?”

This time he had a hard time throwing it away. Shoulder angels popped up.

“Do it for the best,” said the devil angel.

“No! No! You like your underwear too much. Even if throwing it away gives you friends, will that make you happy?” said the good angel.

Sam had a thought. “Maybe I should wear it in between my legs like the rest of my family.”

He did that, and flowers, butterflies, and cotton candy leaped out with joy.

It felt so good he put on the rest of his underwear. He stole his mother’s and father’s underwear and wore it over his own. When his parents had no underwear, they didn’t know who took it. They thought Sam didn’t like his underwear.

When they saw Sam wearing all their underwear he got the BAD FOOD TREATMENT. They made him eat rotten food for twenty-five days. After twenty-five days were up, he only wore one pair of underwear at a time, and the underwear was not his parents’.



24 May

By Maggie
4th Grade

“Click, click, click, click!”

“Stop, Bobby.”

“Click, click, click, click!”

“Stop it!”

“Click, click, click!”


“Click, cli—”

“SHUT UP!!!”

“Maggie, did you just say that?”

“Yeah, but Bo—”

“No buts. Just go into the hall.”

Aaaggghhh! Now what? I thought

“Haha hee ha hee haha hee!” yelled Bobby.

“Uggghhh,” I murmured.

“Come over here, Maggie,” said the teacher as we walked into the hallway. “Why did you yell ‘shut up’ in class?”

“Because Bobby wouldn’t stop making noises.”

“Well, next time you should ignore him.”

“But he—”

“NO BUTS! If you yell in class again you will have to be suspended for two whole days!”

“But he wou—”

“I said NO BUTS!”

“But he wa—”


But everybody has a butt, I thought. Then I giggled a bit.

“Maggie, do you think this is funny?”

“No,” I answered.

“Then why were you laughing?” asked the teacher.

“Because I was thinking of something funny.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Ummmmm…” I said, “I forgot.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep,” I said, sounding very worried.

“Well, okay then,” she said. “Back into the classroom.”

I went to open the door to the classroom feeling unjustly treated. When I sat down at my desk I realized there was a worksheet waiting to be accomplished by me. I sat down. Bobby started cracking up, and I started blushing.

“Kids, time to line up.”

“Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do,” I heard.

Then I started concentrating on something. I don’t know what, though. Suddenly, I didn’t hear anything. What was going on? I turned to look behind me, and Bobby seemed to be talking, just with no noise. Wait, now I hear it! But instead of making clicks or singing some song everyone hates, he was quietly saying, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!”

My problem was solved! All I had to do was concentrate and make it sound like he was just saying, “Blah, blah, blah.” Whew! I thought. For a second there, I thought I was starting to become deaf or something. I felt relieved.

The Best Food in the World

24 May

By Finn
4th Grade

I am here to tell you about the best food in the world. Popcorn! The most delicious food in the galaxy. There are different kinds too. I’d stick with the original if I were you. Oh yeah, and don’t forget a drink to go with it.

Now, there is one kid that eats too much popcorn. It’s the only thing he’s ever eaten. He’s tried everything. He only has three solutions left: he can go on a diet, mix his popcorn with other foods, or ask his friends what their favorite food is and try it.

He tried all of his friends’ foods and liked every food. The foods that he tried made popcorn disgusting in his opinion.

The Stray

24 May

By Ainsley
4th Grade

Once there was a dog who was a stray. He lived in a dark alley at the edge of town. No one lived there or knew where the place was. The dog was very skinny and hadn’t eaten in years. All he ever wanted was some kind of food. He headed off in search of food.

After days of wandering around, he found a pet store. Food at last. The dog went inside.

At first, people started whispering about him. “Look, you can see his rib cage, he’s so skinny.”

Soon he found the dog food. The dog scarfed down the entire bag. Then he made his way to the bones.

The dog tried to walk out with a bone, but the manager stopped him. The dog never left with the bone. The manager locked him up in a cage. He was for sale.

No one would buy him. He was too skinny. Finally the manager realized why no one would buy him. He fed the dog two bags of dog food so he would not be so skinny. The dog looked like a normal dog.

One day a girl named Casey came to the pet store. She walked past every cage, but stopped at the stray dogs. “He’s the one,” she said. Casey bought him and named him Rufus. Rufus lived with Casey for the rest of his life.


The Cast

24 May

By Eden
3rd Grade

One day Crystal, a husky, was climbing a tall tree. She loved the view. When she stepped on a small branch she fell to the ground. She broke her leg. Crystal was in pain. “Woof! Woof!” She barked so loud the whole city heard her.

A dog named Lilly, a golden retriever and Crystal’s friend, helped her up. They went to Crystal’s house. First, they tried to wrap her leg in gauze. She tried to walk on it, but it still hurt.

Lilly asked, “What happened to you?”

Crystal lied to Lilly, “I was playing soccer.”

“Ow,” said Lilly.

“Let’s try some ice in water,” said Crystal. “Oh, it’s really cold.”

Crystal held her leg in the ice-water while watching TV. One hour later she tried walking on her foot, but it still hurt.

“I think it’s time to go to the doctor,” said Lilly.

“NO NO NO NO!” said Crystal.

But she did anyway.

The doctor checked the x-ray and said, “You have a broken leg.”

“I know,” said Crystal.

“You’re going to have to wear a cast,” said the doctor.

“NO NO NO NO NOPE!” said Crystal.

But she had to.

One year later, Crystal was back at the doctor’s and was getting her cast off.

The doctor said, “Your leg is healed.”

“Yay!” said Crystal.

Crystal went back home and told Lilly what really happened.

Lilly said, “Why did you lie to me?”

“Because I thought you were going to laugh at me,” said Crystal.

“I would never laugh at you,” said Lilly.

After that conversation, they watched a movie and ate ice cream.


24 May

By Nicholas
3rd Grade

There was a young boy who lived in a village that lived with dragons, and he was terrified of them. One day he got a message that he was getting a dragon. It was a really rare one, and he still was scared. He had to get a dragon or else his dad would get really upset with him.

The day when he got the dragon, he just held his hand up to its nose, and then he loved dragons. He soon realized that the dragons were harmless. He thought the people should make a game for them.

He wanted to have these three things: 1) a saddle, 2) a load of fish, 3) to be the best dragon rider in the village. But he didn’t have enough gold bars to buy those things and he wasn’t skilled at dragon-riding.

Soon he learned how to dragon-ride and won enough dragon races to get a lot of gold bars.

All of the dragons were lining up for the big race and the nice shiny trophy. There were many cool dragons. On the rarest one sat the boy of the future. Soon they were off to the races! But there was trouble. There was a bunch of trees. The boy and his rare dragon didn’t think they would make it, but they did, with a tricky spinaroo.

Soon he was at the finish line. He won and got everything he dreamed of.

Hot Dog

24 May

By Grace
3rd Grade

“Woof-woof! Get up!” said Charlie the dog.

“It’s only five!” answered Dodo.

“Then I think you won’t join the adventure,” said Tiny.

“Adventure? We better be going!” Dodo gathered his clothes and shoes, and said, “Let’s go!”

Then they felt a strong wind trying to blow them to another space…BOOM! They landed on a huge icy mountain.

“Oh man, this is freezing!” said Tiny.

“Here. I made these coats when I had nothing to do,” said Fuyo, handing out some coats for everyone from his Everything Box. The box also had flashlights, ropes, and every kind of medicine.

“Let’s go. We cannot waste any time!” said Tigershark.

“Owww! My ankle hurts!” said Tiny.

“What’s happening?” asked Dodo.

No answer.

But someone answered, “Boom! Gluglu!”

“What was that?!” everybody cried, except for Charlie.

A huge fire-breathing dragon’s face appeared right in front of them.

“D-dragon!!!” screamed Tiny.

In one second, the dragon blew out a ball of fire, turning Charlie into a hotdog!

“Poor Charlie,” said Dodo.

They were all covered with ash. They shook it off, breathing deep. Then the dragon disappeared.

“Stupid dragon!” Tigershark yelled, angry.

“Aghhh! Owww!” screamed Tiny.

Charlie was licking Tiny’s burning ankle. Charlie didn’t even mind that he had turned into a hotdog. He just purred under Tiny’s knee.

“I…I have some…some…medicine…to…to heal…your ankle,” Fuyo said, getting some medicine from his Everything Box.

Finally, Tiny could walk. But Charlie was still a hotdog. How could they help?

The hotdog that Charlie turned out to be looked tasty. It even had ketchup on it.

“I want to eat it,” said Tigershark, licking his lips.

“No way! He’s my pet, and I will keep him safe,” said Tiny.

“Guys, I found something shining in the dragon’s cave!” Dodo yelled.

“Boys, are you ready for an adventure?” asked Charlie.

“Yes, sir!” answered the boys.

“Then go!”

They went deep into the cave. Then they saw a purple crystal melting.

“Wow!” everybody said.

The mysterious crystal melted fast into a cup hanging under it.

“What is that?” asked Dodo.

“It’s a type of medicine that can heal everything,” answered Fuyo.

“Great! Let’s bring it to Charlie,” said Dodo.

But then the dragon just ruined their idea, hissing, “I can’t believe you found out our secret. ROAR!”

Dodo quickly grabbed the cup and ran to the exit as fast as lightning.

Charlie drank the liquid until the cup was empty. Everybody was waiting for the miracle to happen. Boom! With a happy bark, Charlie turned back into a dog.

They found their way home. Of course, they got a huge cake from Dodo’s mom.

“Best day ever!” They all slapped palms.

What about the dragon? Oh, he just roared every day and waited for his death.