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Fake Legs

24 Jun

By Everett Ediger
3rd Grade

Once upon a time there was a young child. His name was Evan and he was in a wheelchair. He thought that being in a wheelchair was terrible, but what he didn’t know was it was good.

One day at recess, Evan was practicing walking. Then he realized something good about being in a wheelchair: you have great upper body strength. On his way back to class, he raced down the hall.

Then school was out, and Evan kept practicing walking at home.

Evan asked, “Mom, I would really like to walk. Can I get fake legs.”

His mom said, “Yes.”

So they went to the hospital and made an appointment. That day Evan had the surgery. When it was almost done, the doctors realized Evan had an infection on his leg.

They finished the surgery. Evan woke up, and his mom was the first thing he saw.

She said, “We’re gonna have to stay here for a while.”

Before she could finish, Evan asked, “Why?”

His mom said, “Because you got an infection on your leg.”

Evan yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Then his side hurt. Ouch!

He had another surgery to fix his leg. After that, it worked. He yelled, “Yesssss!!!”

Then Evan went home and started walking, and it worked. So Evan started to run.

The next day he ran to school and had a great day.



Working Well With Partners

24 Jun

By Jansen Ediger
3rd Grade

Once upon a time, but not so long ago, there was a girl named Alfiba. Alfiba was not very bright. So she was a smart-aleck. She never worked well with partners and loved getting in trouble. Her sister Glinda, on the other hand, was very smart. Glinda did everything she could to help Alfiba, but she couldn’t.

One day the teacher came and said, “Alfiba, you need to make a friend,” and then left. Alfiba didn’t understand this message. She thought and thought and thought, but she still didn’t understand.

Finally, after three weeks, she knew what it meant. She decided the first person she met the next day, she would do her best to make a friend.

The next morning, she got up, went to school and met Minny. Minny was not such a good student, but she was not as bad as Alfiba.

Alfiba said, “Um…Min…Minny, c-can I he-help y-you with h-homework.”

“Yeah,” Minny replied.

After school, Alfiba came to her house and helped her. She tried her hardest not to yell, but it came out, “IT IS ‘C,’ NOT ‘F’!” Then she murmured in embarrassment, “I’m sorry.”

They kept going. Alfiba got madder and madder and madder, until finally she yelled, “I am leaving! Do not expect me to ever study with you again!”

The next day she came to her locker and she saw a note that said this:

I hate you. Move schools, or else!

“Oh no,” she said. But then she thought, What does “or else” mean? It might not be that bad. But I still did something really wrong. She hung her head in shame.

Then she had an idea!

“I’m really, really, really, really sorry,” she said to Minny.

The next morning at school, Alfiba’s voice came over the announcements: “I’m friends with all of you.”

Black-Diamond Dreaming

4 May

By Gwen
4th Grade 

A herd of unicorns runs in the distance, their horns shining in the golden light. Their slim reflections sway in the water. In the sky, the dragons chase their tails. They hav dark scales, large nostrils, and make a sound like a teapot screeching. I hear the crack of a branch in the tree. I turn in every direction. I finally catch the creature. Then my eyes open.

I was standing at the top of the mountain screaming. I was on a green run with my dad. It was groomed and almost flat. Then my dad led me through the trees and we found ourselves on a triple black. We tried to go back but couldn’t find our way.

Anything is possible in a dream.

I was staring down at the truck-sized moguls. My dad had gone down thinking I was right behind him, but I wasn’t. I was standing at the top crying.

Dreams only change when you understand what you see.

To help me stop screaming I made up a story. At first it was about a tomato being eaten. It somehow changed to a tomato making a ski resort in a bowl. Then the tomato died. It was weird, but it got my mind off things.

In a dream, you think other people’s thoughts for them.

I got to the bottom and had to promise my dad never to tell anyone. I know I just told you all about “the incident,” so please don’t tell my dad.

Evil Elf

4 May

By Julia Zwerling
3rd Grade

A lollipop tastes sweet and sour. Taste beckoning for another lick. If feels sticky and smooth, but filling one’s brain with curiosity. A lollipop looks like a colorful butterscotch on top of a short white stick. It smells delightful with maybe a fruit or candy kick. It might also smell like a sweet fresh flower but taste like cherry or strawberry.

Some lollipops are bigger than my hands.

Pitter, patter, clip, clop! Maybe an evil elf was in the room. He might kill her! What a frightening thought. Julia inched under the covers quietly. She didn’t want the elf to know she was there.

Lollipops can be really colorful.

Pitter clop! The sound got louder and closer. Then it stopped. Afraid to look up from the floor, Julia looked at her closet door. It was open a little bit. Then it shut.

Some lollipops are used for medication.

The thing was still there. Fortunately, pitter, patter, clip, clop became the sound of rain and Julia fell asleep.

What’s Inside

4 May

3rd Grade

My locket has a shiny front and back. Rusted hinges. Smooth and cold like ice cubes. It creaks when opened, like an old door. Smelling clean. You open the necklace, a smiling baby face looks up at you. You can’t help noticing how creepy it is that someone’s hair is in it. My locket is something I’ve had for eleven years. It will always be with me.

The Deep End

4 May

By Carmel
3rd Grade

They smell like a fresh forest fur smell. Their smell sometimes even smells like meat. But most of the time, they smell fresh. They look like raccoons, except they are red, black, white, or orange. They don’t have extra fur on their faces. They also have bushy tails. When they walk, they make a light tapping noise. They feel like light, fluffy fuzz-balls. I would not want to taste one.


On a blazing hot day, I was going to my fourth best friend Emily’s birthday party. I looked. There was a cool, wet pool where her birthday party was. I was filled with joy. Then I found my friends, Terry and Maddie, at the three-foot pool. I said hi and we played.

Foxes are actually relatives of dogs, even though they have whiskers.

My sixth best friend, Konrad, came up to me with an awkward face. I asked, “What’s wrong?” He told m that his hands were too slippery, so he accidentally dropped his goggles in the deep, dark, ten-foot pool. I agreed to help him whenever he needs help.

A fox’s nose is mostly wet.

I came up to the pool. I thought this was going to be easy. I dived a slashy, wet div, and I felt the water surround me. I just let the warm water flow past me. Then I felt the bottom. It felt smooth, warm, and cold. Then I found the goggles. I took them in my hand. But I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Foxes main enemies are humans.

I swam to the top with a jolt, and I reached the surface in time! Then I gave the goggles to Konrad, and he said, “Thanks.” Then I went back to my friends and played.


4 May

By Hazel Newman
4th Grade

I looked surreptitiously at what I thought was a blue mogul run. I thought it would be a perfect run to start moguls on. Soon I would find out how wrong I was.

“Do you think I can do it?” I asked my mom.

“Pretty sure,” she said.

I had just told her my idea. We turned right, not paying attention to the sign which said in big letters, Rita’s Run, with a black diamond symbol next to it.

I skied one foot, then bam! I was down. The rest of the run went just like that: Up, bam! Up, bam! But at the end I got some rhythm and now I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it