Waiting for the Bell To Ring

19 Oct

By Riley Christian
7th Grade

“Marie Antoinette was…” Mr. Gordon droned on as I listened to the scratching of pencils on paper. All of a sudden, as I wrote down, “Let them eat cake!” I felt a hand on my shoulder and an arm draped across my back. I froze. I felt the all-too-familiar tingling all over my body. My cheeks were burning like Tartarus as my heart pounded in my ears. Afraid to look, I turned slowly, to be faced with the big grin and freckles of my crush, Spencer. My breath caught.

I lost all control of my thoughts and gave him an awkward smile as he leaned back in his chair. I returned my gaze to the front of the class, trying not to jump up and run out of the room squealing.

This was more awkwardness than I ever experienced, and I had cried in front of two hundred people. I wished that the bell would ring already so that I could do one of those cool maneuvers with my hair as I walked outside.


As soon as the bell echoed in my ears, I was snapped back to my mind, as if my heart and my brain were connected like a jigsaw puzzle.

And so it began…Awk-ward.


A Few Months Later 

I pulled on the cardboard edge of my poster-board to talk to Leslie, who was right in front of me.

She pulled back hers and whispered, “Here comes your mom.”

I whirled around.

“Hey, honey! I was wondering if I could meet Spencer?”

I sighed and agreed.

Before I knew it, Leslie had pulled Spencer over and told him.


The Next Year

At Mia’s sleepover, my initial thoughts were: awesome house, awesome mom, awesomeness in general. Then came the typical spilling-your-heart-out confessions at night.

Before I knew it, the subject of Spencer came up. Spencer had been placed in a different ability group, and without thinking I told Adriana how I felt about it. By 3:00 a.m. it was forgotten.
The Next Day

“Hey, Riley! Adriana told me something earlier about someone having confidence in me. Do you know anything about it?” As soon as I heard the words spill from Spencer’s mouth, I knew Adriana had told him what I said about him.

“Um, no,” I said, and instantly began talking to my conscience, Orchid, as I debated with myself whether or not putting my head on the desk would give me away as Spencer talked to my friends asking them questions.

Finally I made my decision.


Study Hall

I was too freaked out to think about anything else except the ABC Drama that I was trapped in. So, knowing what relaxes me, I whipped out a few sheets of notebook paper and wrote a story about a prince and a girl named Ella.



Spencer was on the tightrope, so I walked up to him, shoved the story in his hand forcefully and walked away. He went off to read it in a corner while I waited with baited breath for a response.


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