Robot Teacher

8 Sep

School is back in session all over Denver, but here’s a memory for you from our Young Writers Summer Camp at Lighthouse. Our elementary school campers had a lot of fun writing this story as a group:

by Annalise French, Marlo Pearson, Sophia Luther, Amanda Castillo Lopez, Harper, & Madison

We go to school on Monday and find out that a robot is leading our class instead of our teacher. The robot looks like a flower and is very weird. The robot doesn’t know math. We have to teach the robot instead of the robot teaching us. The robot is a girl named Leslie.

Our class has to take control of the robot and get back our teacher, who the robot is holding captive. To do that we take the hard drive out of the robot and put it into the class computer. The hard drive reveals where the robot is holding our teacher captive.

Our teacher was in the janitor’s closet all along, under the mop, which smelled like mildew. When we find the teacher, she accidentally puts the hard drive back in Leslie and the robot turns evil again. Our class has to get rid of the entire Leslie robot so that nobody can reconstruct her again.

One of our classmates finds out that if you confuse a robot, it will start breaking down. We keep calling the robot’s name, “Leslie, Leslie, Leslie,” until the robot explodes and turns into a bunch of marshmallows.


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