Working Well With Partners

24 Jun

By Jansen Ediger
3rd Grade

Once upon a time, but not so long ago, there was a girl named Alfiba. Alfiba was not very bright. So she was a smart-aleck. She never worked well with partners and loved getting in trouble. Her sister Glinda, on the other hand, was very smart. Glinda did everything she could to help Alfiba, but she couldn’t.

One day the teacher came and said, “Alfiba, you need to make a friend,” and then left. Alfiba didn’t understand this message. She thought and thought and thought, but she still didn’t understand.

Finally, after three weeks, she knew what it meant. She decided the first person she met the next day, she would do her best to make a friend.

The next morning, she got up, went to school and met Minny. Minny was not such a good student, but she was not as bad as Alfiba.

Alfiba said, “Um…Min…Minny, c-can I he-help y-you with h-homework.”

“Yeah,” Minny replied.

After school, Alfiba came to her house and helped her. She tried her hardest not to yell, but it came out, “IT IS ‘C,’ NOT ‘F’!” Then she murmured in embarrassment, “I’m sorry.”

They kept going. Alfiba got madder and madder and madder, until finally she yelled, “I am leaving! Do not expect me to ever study with you again!”

The next day she came to her locker and she saw a note that said this:

I hate you. Move schools, or else!

“Oh no,” she said. But then she thought, What does “or else” mean? It might not be that bad. But I still did something really wrong. She hung her head in shame.

Then she had an idea!

“I’m really, really, really, really sorry,” she said to Minny.

The next morning at school, Alfiba’s voice came over the announcements: “I’m friends with all of you.”


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