A Letter to the YAC

2 Jun

By Eilidh Spery

The dictionary defines a writer as “someone whose work is to write books, poems, stories, etc.,” or “someone who has written something”. This definition is restrictive and not at all representative of what we do as writers. I believe that a writer is someone who spins ink cobwebs across paper, trying to capture half-forgotten dreams, things they can’t see or touch or hear. We chase dandelion seeds of inspiration on the wind, following them for miles of pages, for hours, accompanied by only the sounds of clicking keys or scratching pens.

YWP porchBeing a writer is both difficult and incredible, because when you catch that dream and hold its silver light in your hands, you wield magic.

It seems that being a writer could be a lonely, isolating thing, that writers would be struggling to spin ideas into stories, accompanied only by a notebook or laptop. However, through the Young Authors Collective, I have discovered that this is not so, and I have learned how wonderful writers are. We are a quirky bunch of people, nerds and beauties and geniuses and ramblers. We are filled with wanderlust, with smiles and rain, with the tales of millions of other people and worlds. We daydream and cram information into our heads, cry over characters and make sure to smell new notebooks. Although we are all unique people, are raised differently, live in different parts of the worlds, write differently, we are tied together by our passion to create, to bring something new and lovely into the world. Writers are not empty, lonely people; they overflow with light and beauty.

I am very lucky, therefore, to have been able to spend the last four years around a group of such wonderful, brimming-over people. I have been able to improve my own writing, to be amazed by each of your own words, and to spend my Wednesday afternoons with a fun, sweet, silly group of people. Although writers are sometimes seen as quiet nerds, I think of us as the secret cool kids. We don’t rely on popularity; we know that life is more than that. Life is becoming so lost in a story that you don’t even notice time tickling your ears as it brushes by; it is seeing and enjoying the smallest details in each day; it is creating new worlds full of characters you love so much that they break your heart. It is about being full of light and giving that light to others. So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve really enjoyed spending these years with you and will miss you all and your stupendous, heartbreaking, gorgeous literature.

Eilidh Spery has been writing since she penned a mystery story about two detective rats. She first came to the Lighthouse Writers Workshop for a youth workshop, then became a part of the Young Authors Collective from 2011-2015. Now that she has graduated from Jefferson County Open School, she plans to attend the University of Iowa to study English and creative writing, and to pursue writing as a career.


One Response to “A Letter to the YAC”

  1. Abby Lahnert June 3, 2015 at 8:20 pm #

    Hey Eilidh! I was so happy to read this- it made me remember what a great place Lighthouse is, and how wonderful the people in it are; like you!

    All my love


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