The Stray

24 May

By Ainsley
4th Grade

Once there was a dog who was a stray. He lived in a dark alley at the edge of town. No one lived there or knew where the place was. The dog was very skinny and hadn’t eaten in years. All he ever wanted was some kind of food. He headed off in search of food.

After days of wandering around, he found a pet store. Food at last. The dog went inside.

At first, people started whispering about him. “Look, you can see his rib cage, he’s so skinny.”

Soon he found the dog food. The dog scarfed down the entire bag. Then he made his way to the bones.

The dog tried to walk out with a bone, but the manager stopped him. The dog never left with the bone. The manager locked him up in a cage. He was for sale.

No one would buy him. He was too skinny. Finally the manager realized why no one would buy him. He fed the dog two bags of dog food so he would not be so skinny. The dog looked like a normal dog.

One day a girl named Casey came to the pet store. She walked past every cage, but stopped at the stray dogs. “He’s the one,” she said. Casey bought him and named him Rufus. Rufus lived with Casey for the rest of his life.



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