Little White Rabbit

24 May

By Ruby
Third Grade

Once there was a little white rabbit named Jessica. Jessica lived happily with her family and friends, but there was a famine.

One of Jessica’s friends was dying because there was no food to eat. Jessica had to help! She wanted to go to a farm so she could get some carrots for everyone. She told them she was going to the farm. They said, “It is dangerous to go to the farm.”

Jessica packed a huge basket with the only food she had.

She started on her way with a goodbye to everybody. She also asked a friend if he could help. His name was Tom. Tom said, “Yes.” And together they went to the farm.

At the farm, Jessica and Tom asked the farmer, “Can we pick some carrots?”

The farmer said, “Sure you can.”

So they picked many carrots and put them in the huge basket.

On their way back to the forest, Jessica suddenly fell down. Her leg was hurt and she needed to rest. But she thought about how hungry her family and friends were. She wiped away the tears on her face and went on running back to the forest.

At the forest, there was a big party. Jessica, her family, and her friends were very happy because they had so much food to eat.


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