Hot Dog

24 May

By Grace
3rd Grade

“Woof-woof! Get up!” said Charlie the dog.

“It’s only five!” answered Dodo.

“Then I think you won’t join the adventure,” said Tiny.

“Adventure? We better be going!” Dodo gathered his clothes and shoes, and said, “Let’s go!”

Then they felt a strong wind trying to blow them to another space…BOOM! They landed on a huge icy mountain.

“Oh man, this is freezing!” said Tiny.

“Here. I made these coats when I had nothing to do,” said Fuyo, handing out some coats for everyone from his Everything Box. The box also had flashlights, ropes, and every kind of medicine.

“Let’s go. We cannot waste any time!” said Tigershark.

“Owww! My ankle hurts!” said Tiny.

“What’s happening?” asked Dodo.

No answer.

But someone answered, “Boom! Gluglu!”

“What was that?!” everybody cried, except for Charlie.

A huge fire-breathing dragon’s face appeared right in front of them.

“D-dragon!!!” screamed Tiny.

In one second, the dragon blew out a ball of fire, turning Charlie into a hotdog!

“Poor Charlie,” said Dodo.

They were all covered with ash. They shook it off, breathing deep. Then the dragon disappeared.

“Stupid dragon!” Tigershark yelled, angry.

“Aghhh! Owww!” screamed Tiny.

Charlie was licking Tiny’s burning ankle. Charlie didn’t even mind that he had turned into a hotdog. He just purred under Tiny’s knee.

“I…I have some…some…medicine…to…to heal…your ankle,” Fuyo said, getting some medicine from his Everything Box.

Finally, Tiny could walk. But Charlie was still a hotdog. How could they help?

The hotdog that Charlie turned out to be looked tasty. It even had ketchup on it.

“I want to eat it,” said Tigershark, licking his lips.

“No way! He’s my pet, and I will keep him safe,” said Tiny.

“Guys, I found something shining in the dragon’s cave!” Dodo yelled.

“Boys, are you ready for an adventure?” asked Charlie.

“Yes, sir!” answered the boys.

“Then go!”

They went deep into the cave. Then they saw a purple crystal melting.

“Wow!” everybody said.

The mysterious crystal melted fast into a cup hanging under it.

“What is that?” asked Dodo.

“It’s a type of medicine that can heal everything,” answered Fuyo.

“Great! Let’s bring it to Charlie,” said Dodo.

But then the dragon just ruined their idea, hissing, “I can’t believe you found out our secret. ROAR!”

Dodo quickly grabbed the cup and ran to the exit as fast as lightning.

Charlie drank the liquid until the cup was empty. Everybody was waiting for the miracle to happen. Boom! With a happy bark, Charlie turned back into a dog.

They found their way home. Of course, they got a huge cake from Dodo’s mom.

“Best day ever!” They all slapped palms.

What about the dragon? Oh, he just roared every day and waited for his death.


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