24 May

By Nicholas
3rd Grade

There was a young boy who lived in a village that lived with dragons, and he was terrified of them. One day he got a message that he was getting a dragon. It was a really rare one, and he still was scared. He had to get a dragon or else his dad would get really upset with him.

The day when he got the dragon, he just held his hand up to its nose, and then he loved dragons. He soon realized that the dragons were harmless. He thought the people should make a game for them.

He wanted to have these three things: 1) a saddle, 2) a load of fish, 3) to be the best dragon rider in the village. But he didn’t have enough gold bars to buy those things and he wasn’t skilled at dragon-riding.

Soon he learned how to dragon-ride and won enough dragon races to get a lot of gold bars.

All of the dragons were lining up for the big race and the nice shiny trophy. There were many cool dragons. On the rarest one sat the boy of the future. Soon they were off to the races! But there was trouble. There was a bunch of trees. The boy and his rare dragon didn’t think they would make it, but they did, with a tricky spinaroo.

Soon he was at the finish line. He won and got everything he dreamed of.


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