The Deep End

4 May

By Carmel
3rd Grade

They smell like a fresh forest fur smell. Their smell sometimes even smells like meat. But most of the time, they smell fresh. They look like raccoons, except they are red, black, white, or orange. They don’t have extra fur on their faces. They also have bushy tails. When they walk, they make a light tapping noise. They feel like light, fluffy fuzz-balls. I would not want to taste one.


On a blazing hot day, I was going to my fourth best friend Emily’s birthday party. I looked. There was a cool, wet pool where her birthday party was. I was filled with joy. Then I found my friends, Terry and Maddie, at the three-foot pool. I said hi and we played.

Foxes are actually relatives of dogs, even though they have whiskers.

My sixth best friend, Konrad, came up to me with an awkward face. I asked, “What’s wrong?” He told m that his hands were too slippery, so he accidentally dropped his goggles in the deep, dark, ten-foot pool. I agreed to help him whenever he needs help.

A fox’s nose is mostly wet.

I came up to the pool. I thought this was going to be easy. I dived a slashy, wet div, and I felt the water surround me. I just let the warm water flow past me. Then I felt the bottom. It felt smooth, warm, and cold. Then I found the goggles. I took them in my hand. But I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Foxes main enemies are humans.

I swam to the top with a jolt, and I reached the surface in time! Then I gave the goggles to Konrad, and he said, “Thanks.” Then I went back to my friends and played.


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