Evil Elf

4 May

By Julia Zwerling
3rd Grade

A lollipop tastes sweet and sour. Taste beckoning for another lick. If feels sticky and smooth, but filling one’s brain with curiosity. A lollipop looks like a colorful butterscotch on top of a short white stick. It smells delightful with maybe a fruit or candy kick. It might also smell like a sweet fresh flower but taste like cherry or strawberry.

Some lollipops are bigger than my hands.

Pitter, patter, clip, clop! Maybe an evil elf was in the room. He might kill her! What a frightening thought. Julia inched under the covers quietly. She didn’t want the elf to know she was there.

Lollipops can be really colorful.

Pitter clop! The sound got louder and closer. Then it stopped. Afraid to look up from the floor, Julia looked at her closet door. It was open a little bit. Then it shut.

Some lollipops are used for medication.

The thing was still there. Fortunately, pitter, patter, clip, clop became the sound of rain and Julia fell asleep.


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