Black-Diamond Dreaming

4 May

By Gwen
4th Grade 

A herd of unicorns runs in the distance, their horns shining in the golden light. Their slim reflections sway in the water. In the sky, the dragons chase their tails. They hav dark scales, large nostrils, and make a sound like a teapot screeching. I hear the crack of a branch in the tree. I turn in every direction. I finally catch the creature. Then my eyes open.

I was standing at the top of the mountain screaming. I was on a green run with my dad. It was groomed and almost flat. Then my dad led me through the trees and we found ourselves on a triple black. We tried to go back but couldn’t find our way.

Anything is possible in a dream.

I was staring down at the truck-sized moguls. My dad had gone down thinking I was right behind him, but I wasn’t. I was standing at the top crying.

Dreams only change when you understand what you see.

To help me stop screaming I made up a story. At first it was about a tomato being eaten. It somehow changed to a tomato making a ski resort in a bowl. Then the tomato died. It was weird, but it got my mind off things.

In a dream, you think other people’s thoughts for them.

I got to the bottom and had to promise my dad never to tell anyone. I know I just told you all about “the incident,” so please don’t tell my dad.


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