Nobody on Base

20 Feb

By Cody Schier 
8th Grade

It’s been two months since all hell broke loose. Very few survivors are left to trek this barren wasteland of a world. I am one of those few survivors, and now I’m all alone.

When it all started, I was at baseball practice with my team. A woman ran over to the field and tried to get in the gate, but Coach didn’t let anyone else in during practice. The woman kept screaming for us to let her in. We ignored her, which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea. A figure started running at her from the street. She tried to run, but tripped and ate it. The figure grabbed the woman and took a gigantic bite out of her neck.

We ran to the fence to get a better look. The figure slammed into the fence. That was the first time I got to see those lifeless eyes. They had no soul. Their only intention was to kill.

I grabbed my bat and opened the gate. I swung the bat and hit a home run with his face.

After that moment, we traveled as a team. We got food, we hunted zombies, and worked together. Well, that is until this morning.

We all were camped out in this town, and when I woke up they were gone.


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