No Second Chances

20 Feb

By Marhina RT
8th Grade 

My momma raised me to believe that everyone deserved a second chance. O’course, her beliefs never really carried over to me. I had met too many people who got somethin’ they didn’t deserve, to believe that trust was a human right and not somethin’ they had to slave over to regain.

That’s why my momma never made it far in life; she never shared my outlooks. She was too trustin’, believing that Daddy deserved a second chance, that Gran’pa would get better, that no harm would come her way if she kept spreadin’ around the good. I knew better. Gone was the naïve little kid who thought all grownups knew everything, and in their place was a person who knew how to read others.

So never did it cross my mind that I might get a second chance.

I never really wanted redemption. I wasn’t one for absolution. In my eyes it was overrated.

So I didn’t think twice when I pulled that trigger.

I was raised in the belief that people were inherently good; but life ain’t a fairy tale. No matter the contents of your heart, good guys don’t make history books. I certainly aim to. You gotta play dirty for a ticket to a clean life.

I deal in secrets; the cliché that works. Dig around enough and you can find something that even those CEO scoundrels would be ashamed of. If not, you could always go with the old-fashioned method of eliminating your competition. Worked for me.


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