20 Feb

By Lexi Blair
8th Grade

I slept right through the gunshots. I didn’t hear a sound. Everyone knew it was coming. My brother was hated in this town. Really really disliked. He left, even when everyone begged and pleaded with him not to. Now he was gone. This time he was never coming back. I knew it this time. He went missing 26 hours ago, but the trail of blood from his unmade bed into the woods told me he was dead. I had no hope. Tears poured down my face, never ending. I followed the trail of blood into the woods. As I noticed all the little bugs and life, I got mad. These animals sat here, breathing peacefully while my brother couldn’t. I couldn’t handle it. I collapsed to the wet, slimy forest floor in a heap of steamy tears and screams. This wasn’t fair. I cried over the sound of heavy shoes cracking sticks. The last thing I heard was a gunshot. Then, I died in a pool of blood and tears.


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