Don’t Call Me That

28 Jan

By Michael
3rd Grade

Tom T. Turdle is a boy named after his great-great grandpa, named Thompson. Every kid laughs at his name. They say that “T” stands for “The.” All his classmates call him Tom The Turtle because he doesn’t have a single friend. Day after day, Tom is always treated like a turtle, but one day he is so frustrated that he wants to explode!

He suddenly gets off his chair and shouts, “I’m not a turtle, okay? My last name is Turdle, not Turtle, understand?”

The next day the kids don’t call him Tom the Turtle again. But no one even talks to him a single word. Tom wonders if he has misunderstood somebody. Tom doesn’t know what to do. “Just ignore it,” he says to himself.

So no one talks to him the rest of the year.





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