15 Dec

By Cassidy Nicks
8th Grade

When you try to describe her, her bright eyes and crinkled nose,
That’s the word that finally surfaces in the slow, murky depths of your mind.
She is in a constant state of
As if she has never felt the pangs of starvation
Never been lost in an airport and felt that tightening of her stomach
And so she is naive in her
She does not know the clenching of fists, of words wielded like blades, the sound of a bone snapping.
She does not know the danger of her simple
She just soars, riding the Milky Way, dancing with the constellations,
Until she slips, or maybe we do, and she learns the truth, she knows our history, our future, and she tries to forget
Because ignorance is
She is sinking, pulled down, arms flailing, spine bent.
She is drowning in her
And by the time her dimpled smile has disappeared,
It has filled her lungs, choking her, smothering her,
And she is once again in


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