Unspeakable Things

27 Nov

By Dennis Muldrew

A bloody and bruised Johnathan looked up at Lisa in astonishment. “Where on Earth did you learn to fight like that?” he said to the good-looking little Spaniard with the tomato-red hair.

“Simple… I went and learned Brazilian jujitsu in Cape Kiskadee during my summer vacation.”

Johnathan felt as if his question still wasn’t answered properly. “My question is… why did you decide to fight like that?”

Lisa sighed. “I’m gonna tell you something right now, bro. You know how many guys run after me all of the time right?”

“Yeah…of course. Your pretty and smart. Who wouldn’t want to?”

“Mmm-hmm…and how many do you think try and do unspeakable things to get their way with me?”

“All of them?”

“Right! It feels like a damn anime every time I have to beat them up. It’s so ridiculous!” A long bit of silence followed this statement. “You know Johnny-Boy I really don’t like to teach people to beat up other people, but after what Dillion Ruiz said to you, you’re gonna have to learn to kick him all the way to Scarpdesia!”

“I still don’t get why learning this helps my problem….”

“Your gonna be in an even worse situation than you are now when you decided to go off and fight for all of the students of this school.”

“Grrr! growled Johnathan as he thought back to how the entire incident even began in the first place…

The day that the incident happened was a clear day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the breeze swayed over the palm trees of the city. It was lunchtime and the students of Kiskadee Acadmy were enjoying their lunch…that is, until Dillion Ruiz showed up.

Dillion was a short yet quite pudgy teenager. His breath constantly smelled of weed, and he was held back several times because he was always cutting class, yet he would always show up for his finals and the school dances. He hated those who didn’t do what he did, most of all Johnathan and his friends. Because he always spent his money on weed, he never had any for his lunch. As all hungry bullies do, he would run off and try and get food out of everyone else.

This particular time Johnathan splattered his lunch into Dillon’s face, causing the challenge to occur.


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