27 Nov

By Tia Karkos
8th Grade

“Who do I have to kill to get a taco around here?” he asked. Everyone always assumed he was joking, but he’d killed for less. Eccentric, quirky, weird. That was 17C in a nutshell.

As he stared out the window of the Taco Bell, which might as well have been his second home, he couldn’t help but think that if depressed students all suddenly turned into flesh-eating Nazi zombies, this is the last place he wanted to be. People all around were slumped over binders, asleep on keyboards typing hundreds of M’s into their essays. A girl stared blankly at her Doritos Locos Tacos like a cow looks at an oncoming train.

Humanity was awfully dull, but they had better cuisine, 17C noted as he took a sip of this magical drink. He forgot what it was called, but it made him feel sad even though he just loved the stuff.

17C loved watching humans. Some wanted to be exactly alike, some tried so hard to be different. It was a shame this odd little planet would dissolve in six minutes.


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