The Wind Storm

22 Nov

By Cameron
4th Grade

Chapter 1
Let’s Go Sink

“Let’s go to Black Lake,” I said. We walked for about four minutes to get to Black Lake. It was tiring to get there, but we made it. We set up our stuff and got in the water. It was cold at first, but got warmer in time. The cool thing was that I saw some fish with cool colors and designs.

We swam farther into the lake, but then had to swim back. My sister and I were doing cannonballs in the lake. “1, 2, 3!” Then my sister and I were supposed to jump in the lake, but I did not. So just my sister did. Then she as mad an pushed me in.

“Hey!” I said. “That’s not nice.”

“You didn’t jump,” my sister said.

I was about to jump, but then went into darkness!

Chapter 2
The Storm Starts

I was running out of breath, but I made it!

My mom said, “That’s what happens when you dive like that.”

I said, “I almost drowned,” angrily speaking.

We saw some motorboats come in. We wondered why. A whole lot of fish came jumping at us, but we dodged them. A giant unstoppable wind force blew us away!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” we screamed as we got blown away.

I tried to keep balanced with the wind. It blew our umbrella away, and to be honest I’ve never seen a storm that strong before. I kept trying to get to the dock, but wind kept me away from land. Finally it half stopped and I got onto the dock, but my mom got blown away on the inner tube.

Chapter 3
Big Trouble

My mom was yelling loud, but I did not know what she was saying. Suddenly a boat flipped over and it was heading towards my mom! As soon as I saw that, a tree got struck with lightning and caught fire and fell over and it was back to the water for me. Luckily it stopped the boat and gave me a log to climb on and stopped part of the wind. But that meant lightning, and lightning hits water.

I saw the road, and went to it. My dad came. I hugged him. “I’m glad to see you,” I said, and he said the same.

“We have to get the inner tubes,” my sister said.

“I’ll go on the road,” I said.

So I got on the path of the road.

Chapter 4
Funny but Deadly

I ran up and down the road, but still no end. My sister came out. I ran from her because I thought it would be funny.

We saw the smallest inner tube, but a sign said, “Private Dock.” The inner tube floated away to another dock. I said, “I don’t care if this dock is private. We are getting our inner tube!” We climbed aboard. I got the first inner tube.

The sky darkened, and a loud “Boom!!!” came out of the sky. We were like speeders from Star Wars about to take on the AT-AT’s when we saw another inner tube. I was about to jump in, but my sister stopped me and said, “I’m older.” And I was mad. She jumped in. My dad came out of nowhere and we watched my sister swim.

Chapter 5
The End of the Storm

My sister was swimming and got the inner tube. Lightning was about to hit, but my sister got to land and swam to the dock. The people who owned the dock came out for their chairs and tables. We had a little talk while mom got out of the lake.

We got into the car and were squished in the car and drove back to the house.

We watched the rain, and I said, “I want an umbrella.”

My dad said, “If you want an umbrella, you need to look at the bottom of the lake.”

We all laughed. Then we played a board game.


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