The Test

22 Nov

By Joyce
3rd Grade

I was sick one time. On Monday morning I was sleepy. I told my mom. My mom felt my head and said that I was sick. She called the teacher. I needed to go to the hospital. This time it was unusual. Most times I get better in a day. Because it was almost time for my test, I felt bad. But I still had to go to the test on Friday.

When I was at the hospital there were a lot of things to do to make my cold better.

When it was all done, it was already afternoon. But I could still go to school. When I was in school, it was time for math class, and I felt sleepy. My math teacher said I could rest for a while when he was teaching math.

Soon, it was test time. I thought it would be bad because I thought I could not do well. I was sleepy when I took the test. The room was big and I felt I could not think of any answer for any question. I almost fell asleep in the middle of the test.

Finally I was done with the test. When my teacher said how many each person got, each one was different than the other. I still got a great score.

After the test, I was glad because the test was done and I didn’t have to worry about it anymore! I was so happy because I could finally rest a little bit and have a happy summer break.


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