The Hole

22 Nov

By Phoebe
3rd Grade

One night when my family was camping with our friends, we went hiking in a cave and my brother dropped his coat in a hole and I had to go get it. It was scary and deep. I slowly jumped in. I grabbed his coat.

I hadn’t thought about getting up.

My dad said he would get a rope, but I started to climb. It was hard but I still did it. I was almost to the top when suddenly I slipped. I tumbled down and saw rocks rolling. Before I knew it, I landed on my butt. “Ahhh!” I screamed. It felt like I broke my tailbone. I was stuck in the bottom of a stinky hole. I started to weep.

I heard my sister in a loud voice, “Dad’s getting a rope.”

“What if you don’t get the rope in time? What if rocks fall down on me? What if I have to climb up?”

I stood up and slowly started to climb. My cold hands slowly grabbed the rock and one by one I climbed higher and higher and higher. Then I slipped, and then I caught myself. I am one lucky girl, I thought.

I started to climb again. Before I knew it, I was at the top. I had scratches head to toe. I made it. I was so proud of myself. I felt like a hero. I am amazing!

The End


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