No Scaredy Cat

22 Nov

By Ava
4th Grade

My cat is an orange tabby named Opie. He plays across the street A LOT and comes back over without getting hurt. He is sort of fat. He is really fast for how fat he is. He’s a bird murderer, but I still adore him. He is the best cat I’ve ever had. I LOVE him.

Well, he was sharpening his claws, having a good time, when he must have gotten bored, because he ran across the street when a big monster truck with flames on the side was coming by. I thought he would make it because he is fast, but suddenly he stopped in the middle of the street. He must have been tired from all that playing, because he was lying down in the MIDDLE of the street.

Finally, he got up and started walking. “Whew!” I said. He was going to make it if the driver was paying attention. “Oh no!” I said, scared. “He’s not paying attention.” He was listening to music through headphones. I could almost hear the music through the headphones.

I had no choice but to run in the street and grab Opie. But what if I get hit? I would die so young! It was worth it.

I sprinted into the street, grabbed his soft orange fur and ran back. You would think he would be crying, but for some reason he was purring.


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