My New Life

22 Nov

By Memphis
4th Grade

One time when I was a hero was when my parents got divorced. I had to move, face the sadness, and get adjusted to the new schedule. I realized my parents were going to see other people. About one year later my mom met another guy. His name was Scott.

My name is Memphis. I have blonde hair and blue-green eyes. My favorite color is sky blue. I love art. I have made 101 pieces of art. My passion is my dog. I walk him in the park. We see leaves, sticks, and a river. My dog’s leash is like a dog: furry and fussy. The river is like a gentle lullaby, calmly flowing. We are able to smell the colorful flowers. Sometimes we train. He knows “retrieve,” “sit,” and “stay.” My dog’s name is Lovie.

Scott was my mom’s new boyfriend. He is bald and five-foot-six. Now, my mom, on the other hand, has blonde hair and is five-foot-five. They look nothing alike. One month after they met they went on dates, but then he moved into our house.

My house was a small two bedroom, one bathroom, 299-square-foot house. It had an office, my room, a basement, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The basement was like a dungeon. It was all stone with one shelf for storage. Well, that clearly was not enough. There was stuff all over the ground.

Then we moved after about one year. I was hanging my head for one week.

I realized Scott was a fun guy. He started to babysit me. Scott was quite nice. Our new house was way bigger. It had a basement attached to the house. In addition, there was another floor.

It was going by so fast. I was upset and curious about how my dad was feeling. I’m still curious because I don’t know whose idea it was to get divorced. When I find out, they’re in big trouble.

Even though I realized that Scott was a good guy, I’m still curious. Have you wondered these questions?


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