DLC vs. Wash Park Warriors

22 Nov

By Nicholas
3rd Grade

I was in overtime when I had a chance to win the game. All the DLC fans were screaming at me, and they were all saying, “Shoot it!” Luckily the goalie saved it and he threw it down field to on of his attack men. When the attack men caught it I already knew the game was over, but I still decided to run down the field.

All the Warriors fans were telling Brody to catch it, but all the harsh noise made him drop it—yesss!—and it rolled straight to the goalie. When I saw Gage get the ball and he threw the ball, I chased the ball down the field and I caught it. Shot!

The whole crowd gasped, “Goal!” The whole crowd lit up.

I did it. I won the championship!

In the distance, I heard something. “DOG PILE!”

Oh no. I started running.

The crowd of people caught up to me. All of the sudden I was in a wave of people. Once I got out of the crowd, I spotted Gage celebrating with the team. I ran over to him and tackled him. Oh no, another dog pile.

It was a crazy game, but sadly it was time to go. It was not enough for me, but my mom and dad were exhausted, so I went home. The whole ride I stared at my medal. Once we got home, we had one of my favorite foods: sushi.

I got a good night’s rest. In the morning, it was, as usual, like a rush to get to school.


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