Body Surfing

22 Nov

By Molly
4th Grade

When I went to Rehoboth on vacation, I was so, so, so very scared. There was one thing that I did not know how to do, but my brother did. Body surfing. I had been wanting to do it for a while but was too scared.

I could smell the salt in the water. I slowly counted to three. “One, two ,three…” Splash! I dove right in. Aaahhh! A HUGE wave approached. I was gasping for air. The wave totally wiped me out.

I had sand in my swimsuit and in my eyes. I ran to my mom, yelling, “The wave took me out!”

We already had plans to go out to lunch with my cousins so we could not go home first. I had to be stick still the whole time at the restaurant.

We finally got to go home. I took a nice shower, got into my PJ’s, and I cuddled up on the couch. I felt soooo much better after that. I remembered the pizza smell of the restaurant and I had a flashback of when I got wiped out by that humungo wave.


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