The Wrong Planet

19 Sep

By Emma Davis
6th Grade

We had just landed on a desert planet that looked exactly like Arizona. They sent a search team to look for any life forms anywhere on the planet. The team was made up of Sarah, Janet, Eliza, and me. As we left the Athena Five, we split up and and looked in all directions. I went north, Eliza went south, Janet went east, and Sarah went west.

I started on my way and eventually came to a small house that looked exactly like mine. I went up to it and knocked. A girl my age who looked exactly like me said that her name was Elsa, which is my name. Wait. Was this girl exactly like me? We started talking about what we liked, but turns out she liked the exact opposite of what I like.

“What do you really not want to do?” she asked.

“I don’t want to jump off a cliff, wrestle an alligator, cover myself in chum and go down to play with oceanic whitetip sharks, stick my head in a lion’s mouth, or taunt a cobra,” I replied.

“Wow! I want to do all those things. I just had to wait for someone to do them with. Let’s go taunt a cobra first,” she said. “There’s one under my porch right now.”

“Why would I…?”

But I found myself being pulled out the door and onto the porch, under which was a large, pitch black cobra. The girl pulled a steak out of thin air and started to wave it in front of the snake’s nose.

“I don’t think…” I started again, but was once more cut off by a shout in the distance. “Janet!” I called back.

Janet came running up to me. “Elsa, two things and then I’ve got to go. One is that there are a lot of aliens heading in every direction. Look at what I got from one of them!” she said, exposing a huge bite mark on her leg. “Second, I looked in every direction but could not find Eliza or Sarah.” She paused. “Who’s that weirdo?”

The alien girl gave me a mesmerizing gaze, but I was soon out of my trance with a smack in the face from Janet.

“Listen, Elsa, this kid is trying to kill you. I’ll come back for you in ten minutes, if I’m not dead. If I can’t find Eliza and Sarah, we head back to the ship, okay?” she said.

“Okay,” I said. “If you’re not back in ten minutes, I’ll head back to the ship myself.”

“Okay, ‘bye,” Janet said as she pounded off into the distance.

I sat down on the tanned yellow porch and stared off into the two bleeding red suns. They slowly started to go down and it seemed that red, orange, and purple ink spilled across the sky and spread over the blue primer that had covered nature’s art palette during the day. The planet was soon overcome by twilight, and the stars twinkled from the heavens above.

“I finally got its attention!” the alien girl said. She crawled under the porch, and I leaned over just enough to see the cobra tantalized by the steak. It reared up and hissed menacingly. The snake’s venomous fangs sunk deep into the girl’s skin, and I instantly heard a shrill cry of pain.

“Well, duh! I was trying to tell you this would happen!” I said as she crawled bleeding from under the porch.

Her body slowly started to dissolve into nothing. As I watched her alien form smoking and disappearing into the atmosphere, a figure appeared on the horizon. It was Janet.

We made our way back to the Athena, glum and disappointed. When we got there, we did not expect to see Sarah and Eliza, but when we reached the hospital room to get Janet’s leg healed, we met the doctor.She told us they had sent a search party out to look for us. They found Sarah and Eliza, but had not time to look for Janet and me because the aliens were advancing. We went in and found Eliza and Sarah being healed of their bites and scratches.

We resolved never to go back to the planet again, and soon the Athena Five was zooming through the galaxies looking for another world to land on. The Athena Five had just exited the atmosphere of the desert planet when we realized that an alien spaceship was following us.

“Entering light speed!” a voice shouted over the speaker.

We all took a sudden lunge forward and found ourselves hanging on to the beds for support.

“Something’s wrong with the ignition!” I shouted over the clang of metal.

“No, the aliens have shot a torpedo at us!” Janet yelled back.

“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Torpedoes away!” the voice on the speaker screeched.

We heard a boom in the distance, but the aliens had apparently evaded it, because we were hit with another one almost instantly.

“Entering warp one,” the speaker said. “Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Torpedoes away!”

This time we got them straight in the engine.

“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Torpedoes away!”

This time we blew up the entire alien spaceship. We were off just before the aliens could send more reinforcements.

THE (Living) END…?


The girl who looked like Elsa was an alien who had taken disguise because she saw Elsa coming. The planet they were on was under attack by other aliens. That’s why they attacked the Athena.


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