The Neighbor

19 Sep

by Quaid Hunt
5th Grade


The crisp morning air walked through my room. I awoke with a mood that was better than any there has ever been. I got out of my bed reluctantly. I stepped out onto my balcony and breathed in the air. I breathed in the air that woke up even the heaviest of sleepers. The air that is better than any gift you might receive. I breathed in the air hoping there was more to come.

Will’s Story

“Ahhh, the morning air is the best air in the world, but it would be better if my coffee machine wasn’t stolen by my neighbors.” The man stomped down his marble staircase.

He went and put on his glistening suit made out of the finest materials in the land of Russia. He walked down his solid gold pathway with his coffee from McDonald’s. He passed his dark grey Lamborghini, his DeLorean, his replica Batmobile, and his truck that looked like a man’s far. He walked to the house next to his. He knocked on the door of his neighbor’s small dirty brick hut that looked more like a dump than a place to live.

“What do you want?” said the dirty old man. Rats jumped off his legs when they saw the sun rising.

“I want my coffee machine back, and I want you out of this house so I can tear down this place and make a pool,” said the rich man.

“Well, Will, you can say that your coffee machine got stolen by a person who lived in a dumpster before I was born.”

“Rob, you are a mess with life. First, you steal my car. Second, my mom. And third, my coffee machine,” said Will, almost yelling.

Will stomped away and went into his garage and got a rocket cannon that his friend from the army had given him. Will walked on to his balcony and shot his cannon. BOOM! An explosion came forth and the small dirty house was no more.

“Hey, loser rich guy! I thought you were going to do that, so I got an AK-47 and also an M-16.” Rob shot his guns at Will.

Will hid under his one-million-dollar grill. Will ran into his bedroom, got his phone and called the cops. “Yes, there is a madman outside my house and he is armed. Thanks.” Will put down the phone and ran to his front door and put a mine on it, so if Rob opened the door he would get blown up.

Finally the police came and got Rob and gave him a big spanking.

That is the story of Will.


I will come kill you if your house is next to mine and it’s a dump.


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