The Loss of Love

19 Sep

By Cassidy Nicks
8th Grade

Juliet smoothed her wrinkled dress, fiddling with the stiff, unyielding laces. Who knew living in a death-like state for weeks could wrinkle a dress – she had never moved from her glass coffin, for gods sake! And who had tied her laces so tight? She was dead, not insensate – well, she wasn’t really dead. But that was beside the point! She perched precariously on the lip of her coffin, grimacing as her legs touched the cool side. It was a miracle she hadn’t died of pneumonia. She sighed, crossing her arms and slumping over, her face contorted in a pout.

“Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo? Thou must heareth my distressing news!”

Just than, Romeo strolled in the door, with her ex-betrothed TJM trailing behind him like a dog. Disgusting.

“Oh Romeo! Thou must heareth my news, but in private!”

“For you, my Juliet!” He pushed TJM to the door, but it wouldn’t open. (Let it be known they were pushing a pull door!) To solve the problem, Romeo promptly stabbed TJM, for he also had something to tell Juliet.

“Oh, Romeo, accept my kercheif as a symbol of my thanks!” Juliet beamed, then abruptly sighed. “We have parted from one another for many months too much. My love for thou is lost,”

Romeo brayed like a dying donkey, a sound that Juliet, sadly, recognized as his laugh. “That’s what I was going to tell thou!”

“What!?!?! You mean you don’t love me?! That is so ratchet!” Juliet yelled in fury, obviously forgetting to talk as she was taught. (I mean it is Shakespeare’s time, honestly.

Juliet wrenched the poison from where Romeo kept it in his tunic (in case The Prince caught him)…She had never realized how unstable he was! Juliet gripped the poison in a grip of iron, and as he started to protest, she threw it into his cavernous mouth. (Which happened to look like a snake who just unhinged his jaw. Sexy, right? What had she ever seen in him?!) Romeo choked to death.

Juliet cried out as her gaze flew around the room. She must destroy all evidence of her heinous crimes! She grabbed TJM and dragged him to the foot of her coffin, where she pulled his sword from the sheath and positioned it in his hand. She tore around the room, breaking the things, trying to make it look like Romeo and TJM had fought.

She then grabbed Romeo, dragging him to lay beside her bed, and pulled the bottle from his throat. God, she’d never be able to kiss him again – his mouth was so gross! She supposed it didn’t matter, since kissing corpses was so not her thing. Although, she did have a friend…No. This wasn’t the time for match making. But she was digressing.

Anyway, now it looked like he had killed himself over sadness at her death. She glanced down at his chubby cheeks, remembering the boy she thought she loved. Her eyes glistened with tears before she realized the truth: she had found her love for Romeo, buried under a lot of other crap!

In pain and desolation, she unsheathed Romeo’s dagger and plunged it through her stomach. The squelching sound made her retch, or maybe it was the loss of all her major organs. Now she could be with her love forever!!!


Juliet expected to see Romeo again, but, unfortunately (or maybe not), he went to Heaven and she want to Hell. So, she pursued her backup plan, became obsessed with him, and killed all his heavenly girlfriends in “accidents.”

PS- Love is fickle.


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