The Con Family

19 Sep

Natalie Brammer
5th Grade

Gretl and her family parked their car and headed down towards the magnificent blue. Gretl could smell the salt being carried up by the breeze. Gretl’s little sister, Jenny, was hopping up and down with her bucket in one hand and her shovel in the other. Her younger brother, Jonny, was eating ice cream that they had bought. Gretl’s family started down toward the golden sand that stood on the edge of the ocean. Then government officials stopped them suddenly and explained the beach as in Mexico, then asking if they had their passports.

Gretl’s father said, “Yes, let me go get them.”

However, Gretl’s father was a master con artist. So he just drew up passports. The guard gave them a suspicious look, but Gretl and her family were able to proceed on to the beach.

Jenny and Jonny started running down to the calm, collected waves. Gretl gave her shoes to her father and ran down after her siblings and jumped into the warm water.

After about an hour, Gretl spotted a boat renting station for three. So Gretl asked her parents if she could take Jenny and Jonny on the row boat. They said yes. So Gretl gathered up her siblings, put them in life jackets, and put them on the boat, then pulled away with Gretl rowing into the gulf, staying close enough to the shore.

After she got a phone call from the rental place, Gretl rowed back to the dock. Then Gretl played more with her siblings. Gretl made sand castles, looked for shells, boogie boarded. Then Gretl saw a sign for parasailing, and she ran towards that and got on. All of the sudden she was light as a feather and was a bird flying over the blue. After that, Gretl felt nauseous, but she thought it was worth it. Then Gretl hopped on a surf board and surfed for a while, then went and played some more with her siblings in the dark water and collected some more shells.

She watched the gorgeous sunset erupting with color and expressing beauty.

Finally the family headed up towards Customs, forgetting all about the passports. Once again the government officials asked for passports. Her father said that he didn’t have them and he made up the passports. The officials said that they were arresting the family.

Now when you go through customs they ask what your job is, and if you have records of being a con artist and they send you back. And poor Jenny, Jonny, Gretl, and their mother and father are in prison FOREVER.


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