11 Sep

By Alicia Cid
8th Grade

Chapter 1

I’m going to tell you a story about Veronica, a very special girl. She is 13. Her hair looks like colorful sun rays, and her big blue eyes are so beautiful. She lives in the mountains with her mother, Jessie, and her brothers. She loves doing extreme sports. She looks like the perfect girl, but she isn’t at all. Her problem is that every single thing she sees is yellow. The trees, the grass, her house.

Her mother is a widow because her husband died three years ago in a traffic accident, but now she has a boyfriend, John, who studies people’s strange health problems. They love each other very much, but John doesn’t love kids, so he doesn’t like Veronica, and Veronica isn’t happy about the idea of having a new dad who doesn’t love kids.

She doesn’t want to tell her problem to her mother because she loves her mom and she doesn’t want to make her crazy. So Veronica is trying to find experts who can solve her problem.

Chapter 2

She has called too many experts, but no one has heard of her problem before. So she is losing her hope little by little. Her face is getting uglier and uglier, now that she doesn’t have a smile on her face. Her eyes are closing, and now she isn’t happy at all. But suddenly one day she finds the number of a person who is an expert on people’s strange problems. She is thinking about calling him, but she realizes that that person is John Clark, her mom’s boyfriend. Once she knows that, she starts to think about this possibility: if she calls him, John will tell her problem to her mom. Veronica is scared. But if she doesn’t call him, maybe she cannot solve her problem ever.

Chapter 3

Finally, she decides to call him, but she won’t tell him that she is Veronica. That’s a good idea, she thinks. So in the afternoon, she calls him and she decides to meet him the next day at Alice’s Café. Just after that, Veronica hears little noises coming from her mom’s room and she understands her mother saying something on the phone:

“No, we can’t tell her…”

“She won’t like it…”

“Let’s keep this a secret…”

“I love you, John…mwah.”

Veronica knows that the person who is talking to her mom is John, and she knows that they’re talking about a secret, so now she wants to know it. So she decides to talk with her mother.

“Hi, Mom,” she says.

“Hi, Veronica. WHat are you doing here?” her mom answers.

“I think you have to tell me something.”

“No…Why do you think this?”

“I have heard you talking to someone about something secret…”

“Oh! Yes…I was talking to John about…we have a surprise for you. We are going to go on a walk tonight, all together!”

Veronica didn’t believe her mom. She thought she could learn the truth by talking to John the next day. “Oh! That’s a good idea!” she said to her mom.

“Yes, I know.”

“Thanks! Bye-bye!”

Chapter 4

Next day she was waiting for John at Alice’s Café. But now Veronica’s name was “Victoria,” and she had put on some accessories so John would not recognize her. When he arrived, they started to talk about “Victoria’s” problem. They had no problems talking at first, except that John was impolite and shot her down.

But suddenly “Victoria” asked him, “Why are you so happy?”

He answered, “I’m marrying my girlfriend!!!”

Now Veronica is in another world, thinking too many things at the same time. She feels frustrated and sad, but she also feels happy because now she knows her mom’s secret. Her sadness could defeat her happiness in a few seconds, so she starts to run, run away from the café. And after running all over the city, she arrives home.

Chapter 5

Veronica feels bad. She didn’t need to meet John. Now in her head is the worst thing that can happen ever. The horrible John is going to marry her fantastic mom. Veronica wants to talk to her mom seriously because she doesn’t want to have a new dad like John. Also, now she feels sad because she still cannot solve her problem. She still sees everything in yellow. Now she is in her bedroom waiting for her mom, who is again talking with John on the phone.

“How was your morning?”

“Mmm…it was so strange because suddenly my customer started to run…”

“Who was she?”

“She was a girl called Victoria, and her problem was that she sees everything in yellow.”

“Oh! It has to be very hard being her mother. I can imagine it!”

Suddenly Veronica goes into the room and says, “Sorry, I want to tell you that you are her mother.”

Her mom lets go of the phone, which falls down on the floor. Her face looks horrible. She is sad. “What?!” she says slowly. “Are you saying that the girl who sees everything in yellow is you?!”

“Yes, Mom. I wanted to tell you this before, but I was afraid of you,” Veronica says quickly.

Chapter 6

Veronica is next to her mom, who is in the bed. She is trying to explain everything to her mom. Jessie felt so bad and then suddenly she fainted, so that’s why she is in the bed now. She has understood everything that Veronica has said to her, and now she feels better but confused. Her daughter has told her secret to her, so now she feels that she has to tell her secret to Veronica.

“Veronica, I need to tell you one thing.”

“Yes, Mom,” she says.

“John and me”

“Oh! Mom, I know”—she interrupts—”John told ‘Victoria’ the news.” A small smile came to our mouths.

“Oh! You are a clever girl. You have such strange ideas.”

A strange silence invades the room.

Chapter 7

After some minutes of talking, Veronica says to her mother, “Mom, I want to tell you that I don’t like John at all. He can’t be your husband. You are so nice and good-looking, whereas he is impolite and ugly. You are so different.”

Jessie says nothing. She is confused.

Then John opens the door of that room. “It’s true, we can’t get married,” he says as a tear falls from his eyes. “We are so different. Sorry, Jessie.”

“No problem, John,” says Jessie.

“Yes, life does not only give good things. Also it gives bad things,” he says. “And also I need to tell you, Veronica, that your problem can’t be solved. You are so special, it isn’t bad. Special things sometimes are good.”

In this moment, Veronica doesn’t listen to anybody. Only she is listening to her heart, which is repeating one by one his words and she just feels so sad. He has told her the most terrible thing that no one like her wants to hear. Then she remembers the only thing that makes her a little happier: they aren’t going to get married. But it isn’t enough. Sadness has invaded all her body.

“Now everybody will keep laughing at me because of my problem and I will never enjoy life with its own colors. I feel as if a big stone is falling on my body, without any existence. I feel tired. I feel sad. But now I don’t have time to think on these problems.”

She just closes her eyes as much as possible, waiting for something good to happen, but there isn’t a result.


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