Lighthouse Summer Writing Camp: A Look Inside

11 Aug

by Sarah Gee

In this post, first-time Lighthouser Sarah Gee tells readers about her week at Lighthouse Summer Writing Camp, which ran July 28 through August 4.

This was my first year at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and let me say one thing, the week following camp (and the week while I was attending), were my most creative and successful weeks I have ever had. I didn’t know what to expect on my first day when I walked in. When I stepped into the house for the first time I was expecting for this to be just like school, we sit down, write quietly, and keep everything to ourselves. That was the farthest thought from my mind on the second day.

We were talking, laughing, and having fun. The teachers let us sit wherever we wanted and they were very open to our comments. We are assigned to a team of about ten other kids with the same genre of writing and same age group, which we hung out with for a majority of the week. When I had trouble with something I was writing, it was very helpful just to be able to turn to the person next to me and ask what they thought.

Even in classes that I was less familiar with, like songwriting, it was nice to be able to look at ways of telling a story from a different perspective. The teacher recognized that I was not used to writing in rhythm and she helped me with getting in touch with the musical side of me through my normal style of writing. I had five different instructors with different genres of writing.

A specific teacher who was very helpful was Joel Jacobson. We both wrote fantasy. I didn’t think he was helpful because of the fact that we wrote the same genre but because he helped me channel my ability onto something more specific that what I normally wrote. I am so glad to have joined Lighthouse and I cannot wait for my next visit! 



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