Video Games are Dangerous

20 Jul

By Harvie Reese
3rd Grade

One beautiful day, two dudes were on the couch listening to all the chores their boss told them to do. When their boss left they looked so bored, but they had a plan. The dudes went to their friends and asked them if they would do the chores for them while the dudes played video games. And they had a deal.

While the dudes were playing video games, one of them spilled soda on the screen and the character from the game came into their world. The dudes started running away because the character had a laser gun that shot rainbows: the black color froze you and took your soul, orange set things on fire, green made tall grass, brown made a mountain, red made lava, light-green made acid, black and yellow made toxic waste.

They survived all that, but one dude’s foot got frozen. The other dude broke it free with a rock. The character got angry, so the dudes hid in a garage and made a plan. They grabbed a water-gun and a soda, put the soda in the water-gun, and took a motorcycle and went out to find the character.

They saw him, and the character saw them, and it was a battle. The dude in the back took three shots, which turned the character into a flash drive. They took it back home.

When their boss came in, he was surprised. And they all ate flat pizza.

The End   


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