Trapped in the TV

20 Jul

By Alexis Ramirez
3rd Grade

It was a weird day and I mean it. People drove crazy, like they were chased by a lion. People went into stores and came out with money? Like I said, it was a very weird day. Everyone had tickets but me.

I kept on watching and watching T.V. until it started: American Idol. As the top five walked out, it was amazing—until they started getting eliminated. That’s the saddest part, especially if your favorite gets eliminated. Then they can never come back and fulfill their dream.

When I got the mail, it was very odd: a letter addressed by my favorite judge on American Idol. After I got the letter, I went to bed and put the letter on my nightstand and fell fast asleep. Soon I was tossing and turning in my bed. Then suddenly I began to scream.

When I woke up, I was on American Idol. It was amazing, and my lifelong dream to be on American Idol had come true. I met the top five, and even Angie, my favorite singer.

Soon it was midnight and I was trapped on the show. I tried to connect all the wires to escape home, but the wires came to life. They made a hissing sound and lightning bolts shot out. And every time I looked at the wires they grew eyeballs.

Then Amber tripped as she was walking backwards, and the wires—which had turned into snakes—attacked her. Before they got her, I turned off the light and they started to melt as if a glow-stick had broken.

As we exited the door, we found ourselves in a world of squirrels—which can’t be trusted—and acorns. As we walked through, Mariah stepped on a twig and woke them up. As they started jumping from their trees and gliding through the air like a lost balloon, I started to throw acorns at them. Soon we managed to escape.

We entered a different room, and an earthquake struck and trapped Angie and Nicki. As we moved the rocks, we discovered they were in a very, very deep hole. As the group got smaller, we looked down into the hole. Angie and Nicky were gone and only bones were left.

As we figured it all out, puzzling it together, we saw that those weren’t real bones. So they could have wandered off. We all jumped in the hole and started looking, but found no gap where they could escape. We felt like they were actually gone.

Soon we got out, with the help of our licorice rope. We found a talking gopher. He told us which way to go. We saw a lion’s footprints and we followed those until we saw two tunnels. We entered the opposite tunnel and we found Angie and Nicky, but in Hawaii!


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