The Runaway Zombies

20 Jul

By Isabella Marquez
3rd Grade

One stormy night my family and I were watching a movie about zombies. It was so scary that the zombies jumped out and dragged me in. I saw a castle in the rain and they took me inside. I looked to the side and noticed the zombie speaking another language to a man with a brown hood and a chainsaw. When the man looked my way, I saw that he had red eyes and was a skeleton. Soon I knew that the zombies wanted me to die.

The skeleton-zombie threw the chainsaw over his shoulder and took me to the top of the castle, where more zombies were waiting. Some zombies had bones hanging from their necks, and some had no heads. I looked down at the ground and saw their heads.

I looked farther and saw my family telling me to jump. But, for some reason, the skeletons jumped to the ground and put on their heads. They told me they were guards and they had to get me. They made a skeleton wall and surrounded me. They walked towards me, but went right through me because I was not part of the movie. My family was screaming and sounded worried. I looked back and saw the executioner.

A ladder appeared, and I climbed back into the living room, but the zombies followed me in. My family and I got scared and threw popcorn, which made the zombies mad. Now we were throwing glass, but it went through the zombies because they were not from the real world. The zombies made it even worse, by tearing the house apart. Then they went into every single house in the neighborhood.

They destroyed all the houses, but they fell asleep in a boat. We pushed the boat and the zombies back into the TV. Then we put the channel on Candyland, where the people forced the zombies to clean up every speck. After they had finished cleaning, the people in Candyland turned the Zombies into chocolate mints and gummies. We got to eat the candy, and never watched another horror movie again.


Ohhh, ohhh, Boo!

The End


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