The Magic Mountains

20 Jul

By Yanely Hinojos-Robles
3rd Grade

“Yay! We’re here!” Maria shouted. She saw green trees, green plants, her mom Jessica, and beautiful rocks. Maria looked up at the blue sky and saw a blue-and-red bird flying. Then they ate tacos and burritos.

When they finished eating they went hiking. Maria saw a river with a waterfall and pretty flowers.

When they got back to the camping spot everybody fell into a deep sleep since they were really tired.

One Day Later 

On the last day, everybody packed their stuff. But there was one problem: they could not get back home to Denver. The reason was because their truck flew away. So they could not pack or drive the truck. So they unpacked their stuff. They also put up the tent again.

That day the whole family tried different ways to get back to Denver, but nothing worked. They were super sad. Then a good thing happened: they found the truck parked exactly right where it was before. Then a bad thing happened: it flew away again.

It was afternoon now. Jessica, Maria’s mom, went flower-picking, until she saw something. She thought it was a rock, but it was a big black bear that moved. Javier and Maria went to where Jessica was. The bear came running toward them. They hid in a big, tall, fat bush. Then, when the bear got distracted, they got back to the camping spot.

It was night already, so they went to sleep…until Maria got up in the night. She just stood there in front of the camping tent, waiting for the truck. She was moving her head right, left, right, left, and so on. She saw the truck. It turned really shiny red with yellow-and-orange flames. Maria was about to get burned.

The flames touched her, but didn’t kill her. Instead, they made her have superpowers. Her dad, Javier, saw her and the truck with magic flames. So Javier touched the magic flames, which were ordinary fire now. He fell to his knees, and then he fell into the dirt. He closed his eyes really slowly. He died.

Maria still didn’t know she had superpowers. She touched him and cried. Then he revived. He opened his eyes slowly and moved. Maria kept her finger on the truck so her family could also have powers. She was happy. Now Maria knew she had powers.

The family kept trying to do stuff. Then a purple bracelet appeared in Maria’s hand. The bracelet had buttons. Those buttons each had words on them explaining what they could do. One of them said, “Get more powers.” Another of those buttons said, “Flying.”

Maria pressed the button that said “Flying.” Then she was flying. Then everybody in her family started flying home. They were all super happy

The End


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