The Haunted Skate City

20 Jul

By Ruth Havey
3rd Grade

Now I am a grandma, and I tell my grandchildren of the story of the haunted Skate City. Now I will tell it to you. For starters, my name is Sally. I am the one who made up the Sally, I’m Walking Right Behind You spooky story. That story is not true, but this story is true.

It was many years ago, when I was a girl about nine years old and everyone called me Sal for short. Everyone and me usually would go to Skate City. It was always fun until one tragic day when everything changed. That day was July 15, 1915, a day when everyone and me would go roller skating. When we were at Skate City, the first moment we were having the time of our lives, and the next moment an evil popcorn monster was jumping up and down smashing the wonderful building into pieces.

This popcorn monster formed because of the popcorn machine. The machine was just going so crazy that it exploded, and instead of a popcorn machine in front of me, and my roller skating friend named Jasmine, there was a popcorn monster! Jasmine and I started running, and when I stopped I looked behind me and noticed that Jasmine was not even there!

That night, with a heart already broken, I sadly turned on the TV and flipped through the channels until I found 9News. As I watched, it was too boring. I was about to turn the TV off when suddenly on the TV, Skate City appeared! Well, after it was destroyed, anyway.

The guy said that many people had died. He even said a young girl named Jasmine Frank had died. And guess what? That was my friend, because Jasmine’s last name is Frank. At that point, I wanted Jasmine back more than anything, even Skate City.

But a few days later, the phone rang for the first time since the accident. My mom was at work, and my dad was at the story, so I answered it.

I quietly said hello, and on the other end of the line a very cheerful voice said, “Hi, Sally! It’s Jasmine. Do you want to come over for a play-date?”

I said, “But you are dead!”

“No. That was a different Jasmine. I watched the news, too,” she said.

“Well okay, fine with me,” I said.

So we lived happily ever after…at least a little. I always smell popcorn and sometimes I see the popcorn monster lurking in the shadows. But I never did see Skate City again.

That is the story of the haunted Skate City. Thanks for listening. Come again and I’ll tell you The Story of the Missing McDonald’s.


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