The Buffet Fire

20 Jul

By Aemonn Jones
3rd Grade

It was a good day for the Jones Family. School went well for the kids and work went well for the parents. So they decided to go to a restaurant. When they got to the restaurant it was pretty full. Finally they sat down, got their drinks, and got in line for food. But when they got there the food was all moldy. It was as gross as if it were trash.

They waited a long time for food. Some families tried to leave, but they couldn’t because for some reason the door was locked! Nothing could unlock it. So they had to wait.

Soon people got cold. They didn’t think it was a problem. But when they couldn’t hear the air conditioning they thought it was weird, so they checked it out. They said it was fine. Then someone heard something burning. The staff checked the kitchen. It was all on fire!

Nobody could find a fire extinguisher because they were all lost in the fire. Soon people started getting burns, and the fire pushed them against the wall. Soon everybody dozed off without a clue about what would happen to them.

Everyone woke up with a bump. They realized that the glass walls melted and they all fell through. Soon paramedics got there with food and took people home.

The Jones family went to bed to start a new awesome day.


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