The Best Basketball Player in the World

20 Jul

By Octavio Ramirez
3rd Grade

Once there was a ten-year-old kid named Octavio. He loved basketball, but he didn’t know how to play. One day Octavio was really bored, and he didn’t know what game to play. When he saw a basketball he was thinking about going to play basketball on his friend’s basketball court. He got the basketball and went outside.

When he went outside to the basketball court he started shooting the ball a bunch of times. None of the balls were even going in. He was really bad. The kids in the neighborhood were making fun of him.

When he got tired he decided to shoot one more single shot. When he shot it he shot it too hard. He broke his arm. And when he jumped too high, when he landed he broke his foot too.

When he broke his foot and his arm his mom took him to the children’s hospital. When he was in the hospital, he needed to be there five or six straight weeks.

After that, he recovered, so he went back to his house. When he got home he took a power nap. Octavio had a weird dream. The dream was that Michael Jordan was teaching him how to pass the ball, shoot, dribble, and other stuff.

When he got up he went outside and went to the basketball court. When he got there he started shooting. All of the balls he shot were going in. He was unstoppable. When Octavio got tired he told his mom to put him on a basketball team, so she did.

Ten years later, Octavio took his team to the championship ten times in a row. He was so good he went to the NBA. When he was in the NBA he was with the Denver Nuggets. He made them win the championship. After that game, Octavio was called the best basketball player in the world.

When he was the best basketball player in the world, Michael Jordan got jealous and mad. So he took all Octavio’s powers and Octavio because the worst basketball player in the world. Even a little baby was better than him.

When Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, and LeBron James found out that Michael Jordan had taught Octavio, they beat him up and broke all his teeth. And in that day everything changed.


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