The Bears

20 Jul

By Irving Valenzuela
3rd Grade

Once there was a small bear that always got bullied by his friends in school because he was small. When he got to his house he wished to be big.

The next day…

When he woke up, he was excited to see himself because he was big. When he looked in the mirror he opened his mouth and was sad for a moment. Then he got mad. Then he got his toy car and ate it, and he got bigger. He didn’t even notice, and he still ate more stuff. He got really big.

Finally he realized that he was really big. When he went to school, the students who bullied him said, “Wow, are you a new teacher? You are bigger than us. That means you are a teacher.”

He said, “No, I am not a tea…oh.” He realized he could do whatever he wanted to if he was a teacher. He continued to talk. “Yes I am, I mean.”

When he was in his room, he thought, “If I grow as high as the clouds, I can make the kids go all the way to the clouds.” So he wondered, “What made me big? Hmmm…Oh, the things that I eat!” So he went to a car and ate it. Then he threw up. Then he ate everything.

The next day…

Everything was bitten, even the cars. Then they saw the bear – oh, I’m sorry, now his nickname is The Big Bear. He left once store not bitten. It was TacoMex. He thought, “I can do it easy.” He was about to open his mouth, but he said, “No, I must call my friends that have grown a lot.” When the bears came him they wanted to eat an extra delicious thing first. So they decided to eat cake. They were pushing each other, and the smallest one fell and rolled into the ocean.

The superheroes were coming to save everyone. But when the smallest bear fell he pushed a button that made a wall appear next to the big bear and made the superheroes fall asleep. Even The Big Bear slept, but then he woke up because of the snores. The other bears started running and they hit the wall. They went rolling to the ocean and pushed the button again. The heroes fell down through the hole and fell deep into the ocean. There were volcanoes and more holes.

The Big Bear was still standing there in the street as if he was frozen. They he finally got mad and jumped high and made the other bears jump, too. Then they fell down and pushed the button again. That made the superheroes wake up. The holes they had fallen in had magnets that only Superman could fly over. But they couldn’t find him.

One hour later…

The holes caught Superman and he stopped the magnets, and flew through the holes all the way to the clouds. Then Batman and Spiderman went into one hole to fly. They went flying to The Big Bear and they fought him. Spiderman hurried and tackled the bear. The Big Bear was laughing and moving a lot. Batman was trying to sock him, but he was moving a lot. Then Superman punched the Big Bear and got sticks and threw them, but they went through him.

Then Superman called Shrinkman and told him to come fast. When Shrinkman came, he used an arrow and threw it at The Big Bear’s brain, and pop!!! The Big Bear because the small bear again. But this time he was the same size as his friends that used to bully him.

The superheroes hid the button with sand and covered it with a bunch of rocks.


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