Our Mission

20 Jul

By Steve Perez
3rd Grade

On a rainy day, my mom and I were putting on our PJ’s. Mine had soccer players, and my mom’s had butterflies. We lay down on the sparkly blue and purple bed shaped like a heart, Then we turned on the small flat-screen TV to watch the telenovelas. When we heard a giant crack coming from the kitchen, my mom and I got up to see what happened. When we go to the kitchen we saw the telenovela character Aníbal Balvanera coming out with a head in his teeth. It was a withered head with blood coming out as if it came from a water hose.

Like always, what you would do first is scream, “Aaaaaa!” The second thing would be to go running out the door, even though everything outside was flooded with water. So I did those things, “Aaaaaa!” When I got to the door I saw a box shaped like a palace, with fairies inside. Then I heard more cracks and I saw more body parts.

The fairies told my mom and me that we had to save the world. I asked my mom if she wanted to do it, and she answered yes. Of course, the first wish I made was not to be killed. After that, I wished that we had our swimming suits on, to go on this extremely hard mission.

Halfway through the mission, we got tired of swimming and we took a break. During that break, Pancha and Concha told us that we had to pull a plug out of a hole, and to do that we had to get past an obstacle course. The obstacles that we would have to pass were ten big, angry, strong white sharks. After we passed them, we would see an angry blue whale covering the humongous plug that keeps all of the water in Denver, Colorado.

After our break, we kept swimming. We looked back and saw five sharks following us. That distracted my mom and me, and we bumped into a rock and fell into the darkness of the ocean.

When my mom and I woke up we saw a shiny light. The light came swimming toward us, and when it got closer, “Aaaaaa!” It was an angler fish! I started to swim, but it was so dark I kept bumping my head. I told the fairies, I wish my mom and I could get out of the hole.

After that, we kept swimming to get to our mission. When we got there, we hid behind a rock and we saw the bodyguard sharks, then the blue whale, then the plug. When we saw the sharks, we knew we weren’t the only ones who had been there because we saw the bones and some heads. When I saw that I wanted to swim back, but I knew that if I did I was going to led down the people who believed in me.

I swam close to the sharks and wished for punching strength. Then I started to punch the sharks. Then I started to think about how to defeat the blue… “Aaaaaa, my hand! Where is it?” Then I saw a shark with my hand. But because I wished in the beginning not to be killed, my hand came back to me. Then I cut off the head of the shark and threw it, and the whale got attracted to the food. So my mom and I pulled the plug, so the water could go back where it belonged.

When I got to my house, I wished it was 7:57. Then I wished every single thing was back to normal. After that, I went running to my mom’s bedroom to watch the telenovela Amores Verdaderos (True Love).

The End


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