Monsters on the Way to the Buffet

20 Jul

By Magaly Armas
3rd Grade

There was a big tornado in the morning, and it hit a girl’s birthday party. The girl’s name was Mary Loo Brandon, and she was riding in a car with her parents and her little brother and sister. Mary Loo wanted to get to the country Buffet for her birthday. But when the tornado stopped, her family fell down in a deep, beautiful, flowered forest.

In front of them, they saw strange houses and strange monsters, and lots of little monsters playing around, writing books, and running. They saw fireballs that came from the sky in many different colors. The fireballs were the pets of the monsters. One of the fireballs climbed on the car. The girl wanted a fireball.

Mostly, Mary Loo just wanted to get to a buffet. Mary Loo didn’t care which buffet it was, she just wanted to get to a buffet. A monster told the little girl that there was a buffet at the end of the forest.

The girl and her family were driving so slowly in the forest, like a turtle. They were trembling because they were so afraid of the monsters in the forest. The monsters were really strong. Even the babies were as strong as the grownups.

A baby monster saw the car and thought it was a toy. The baby lifted it up and threw it in the air. Mary Loo and her family were screaming like crazy. The dad of the Brandon Family brought out a suitcase.

The mom, sister, brother, and Mary Loo said, “Dad, it isn’t time to do paperwork!!!”

The dad said, “Why?”

When the car fell to the ground, a monster grabbed them and took them to the buffet.




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