Jemmy’s Wish

20 Jul

By Noel Ruiz
3rd Grade

Once upon a time there was a kid named Jemmy that wanted an Xbox. One day he saw a Genie, and he asked for an Xbox. The Genie said, “Your wish will be granted, but first you must win it. If you win you get it, but if you lose, you lose your whole entire family. And the Genie said, “Do you take the challenge?”

The boy took a long time to answer and took a deep breath. And he said, “Yes.”

The Genie said, “Okay.”

The boy said, “When do I begin?”

The Genie said, “Tomorrow.”

The boy said, “Okay.”

When he woke up he felt dread. He went to the Genie, and when he got there he saw other kids, too. And they started to play the games.

The first game was Arrow Shoot. And they started playing. When they started Jemmy was in first place, and when they ended he was still in first place. He got 250,000 points.

The kid that was in last place was Noah. He got 350 points. He lost so he got disqualified.

The next game was “Climb the Ladder Without Falling Off.” When Jemmy was climbing, this guy came in, but he wasn’t playing. He came to Jemmy and Jemmy stopped because the guy got in front of him. The guy asked him all these questions, and when the guy was done talking to Jemmy, Jemmy was in last place.

Jemmy had to get back into first place or he would be disqualified. He saw a jetpack and he used it to get into first place. And he won the game.

Then the next game was Race Cars. Jemmy had car number 1, and the color was purple and blue. When the race was about to start, Jemmy turned on his car, but the other kids didn’t turn on their cars. When the race started Jemmy was the first one in the race. But when Jemmy was in first place his car suddenly turned off, and the other kids got in front of him. So Jemmy had to fix his car. It took a ling time, like one hour. When he finished, the other kids were already on the second flag, but Jemmy was only on his first one.

Jemmy needed to catch up so he could win. So Jemmy got a nitro and caught up to the others. He was in first place, and he won.

The last game was Soccer. And there were only four more kids. So they put Jemmy with another kid, against the other two kids. They were kicking and making goals, and in the end they didn’t know who won.

When the judges were going to give out the results Jemmy was panicking and biting his nails. The judges took a deep breath and said Jemmy won. Jemmy was so happy that his face got red as a tomato. The judges told Jemmy and his partner to come up to the stage, and the judges gave Jemmy his Xbox, and gave his partner an iPad.

Then the judges opened a portal and took all of the kids back to their homes. When Jemmy got home he started to play with his Xbox, and he was happy.


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