Digital Me

20 Jul

By Haven Hill-Schmick
3rd Grade

I was sitting on the couch one morning when my dad called to me, “It’s time to Skype Grandma Jan, and then lunch!”
“Do I have to?” I moaned.

“Yes. Your brother and sister both did. Now it’s your turn.”

“Fine.” I stood up, walked up ten carpeted steps, and sat down to the computer. “Hi, Grandma Jan!” I said.

“Hi sweetie! How’s it going?” she asked.

Before I gave a reply, I heard a loud, “DINGGG!”

“Woops!” she said. “I left something in the oven. Let me go get it real quick.” Then she got up and walked off the screen.

Suddenly I started feeling a little drowsy, and a gentle breeze behind me startled me. “Not again,” I thought. “Dad opened the window!” Then a humungous gush of wind shoved me into the computer screen. I fell in, and my shirt fluttered. Then, as I got closer to the ground, I slowed to a stop. When my pink socks joined the metal ground, a grand shock wave struck me and made the hairs on my head stand straight. Then I began to weep. I definitely wanted to see my family again, but how?

Then I saw that the wires were alive. They were all around me, opening little slits in their fronts and letting out a terrible scraping sound. I even thought one was actually following me. But it was really just looking for a hole in the wall, and when it found one it slithered in. I wondered why the floor was shaking.

Anyway, soon I was walking alone again, except for the hissing wires all around me, staring at me as if I had covered myself in honey. Suddenly I felt the vibration from the floor again. “What is that?” I murmured. Then I saw a dark hole in the wall to my right, about six feet high and three feet wide. Especially if you know the saying, “Right is always right,” who’s not going into a freaky what-looks-like-a-big-mouse-hole inside a computer? Finally I decided to see where this opening would take me.

It turned out it wasn’t a hole in the wall that the computer mouse clicks its way to. It was a hallway. Not only that, but it was the darkest hallway I have ever seen. After walking through the hallway for what seemed a mile, my forehead touched something cold and hard. I stopped walking and froze. I was too scared to look up. What was it? Was it alive, or was it a ghost? After I had been standing there for at least two minutes, I looked up. It was a big iron door.

Then I sat down to think in the hallway. I remembered that if I ever wanted to see my family I would eventually have to see what kind of things were on the other side of the door. So I put my hand on the cold handle, the door flew open, and I stumbled in. It was a room full of wires. I walked around. This is where the vibration came from!

Soon I stopped. I saw a wire that said, “Skype to,” and another wire that said, “Grandma Jan,” that had been broken. All I had to do now was connect those two wires and go to Grandma’s and find the cords “Skype to” and “Dad’s house” and connect them.

When I got closer to connect the cords, about ten wires jumped forward. One of them jumped close to me and sank its electric fangs in my arm. Ouch! I fell backwards to the floor, crying.

When my arm started feeling a little better (even though there were still two punctures) I noticed suction cups behind me. So I stuck those suction things on my socks, walked up the wall until I got to the ceiling and walked over to the middle of the circle that the other wires guarded – in other words, the place they couldn’t see me. Then I took the suction cups off, fell down, stretched my hands up over my head, grabbed the wires and clicked them into place.

I felt my stomach churn and ache badly. I scrunched up into a ball. Soon I felt water all around me, as if I were in a pool. Then I figured out that it was real, that I was in an actual pond near my Grandma’s house. Oh no! I couldn’t breathe!

I swam up to the surface of the pond to take a breath, and I saw some little logs coming toward me. Were those logs really moving by themselves? Or was the current pushing them? Hard to tell. Anyway, the closest one suddenly opened a tiny pair of eyes and a huge mouth. Then I realized that they were alligators, not logs! I was so scared I was almost paralyzed, and my feet started sinking in the mud. I had teleported myself here!

I forced my feet to move, and I swam to shore. Right there was my grandma’s house! I sprang inside, told her there was no time to talk, accepted a slice of chocolate cake, asked her where was the computer, looked at the cords, and found “Skype to” and “Dad’s House.” In a flash, I was gone.

Again, I scrunched up into a ball and appeared at my dad’s computer, and suddenly I woke up. “Time for lunch!” Dad yelled. Then I stood up, said goodbye to Grandma, closed Skype and went downstairs to fill my tummy.


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