Zipline Swing

8 Apr

By Isabella Marquez
3rd Grade

It was a very hot summer day, and actually it was my birthday. So my brother Sergio, my friend Beatriz, my mom Jennie, and I decided to go to Mid-Air Adventures. My mom said it was also okay for Beatriz to spend the night at my house. I was so excited!

I saw fake trees and Beatriz holding onto me. I heard kids playing and our harnesses clinking. It smelled like gum and wood. I touched the rope and tasted the dry air and the sweet gum I was chewing. I felt scared and excited and like I was going to scream. But I knew I needed to be brave because I had never done it, and it was dangerous because the rope might break. I was afraid of heights. I was especially scared because I might scream and Beatriz would make fun of me.

All of that did happen, but then I started to like it and I went on it like a bjillion more times. And that was the time when I went on the highest swing at Mid-Air Adventures.


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