When I Rode the Boomerang

8 Apr

By Logan Koch
3rd Grade

It was that time I was at the fair. What I saw was people, cars, and pop. It smelled like snack bars, hamburgers, and other foods. I tasted one of their Slurpies. It was delicious: large cup, rounded top, and swirly straw.

My sister pointed. “Let’s do that one!”

I got scared. I almost cried. I was going to throw a fit. I heard people screaming. I got worried. There was a long line and that was good.

When it was our turn I ran and sat on the bench and my sister had to sit next to me. I felt bad. My mom said, “You guys can go grab food or ride another one.”

I picked food and we both went. We got a shake and headed our way. But when we both got back we couldn’t find my mom or dad. Kaydee and I got scared. My sister said, “Let’s stay here and wait.”

We waited twenty minutes and we found our mom.

And that is when I rode the rollercoaster called the Boomerang. It was scary. I felt so nervous. I was shaking like the rollercoaster. I felt like I was going to fall off the rollercoaster. I felt so excited when I got out. And when I rode it, at the end I said, “Let’s do it again. It was a fail.” They said no. I was okay with it.

My sister and I shouted, “Can we go here again?” Mom said yes.

Next summer it was awesome.


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