8 Apr

By Diego Berumen
3rd Grade

One day my dad was picking me up from school. My hands were sweating. My tummy was growling. We got into my dad’s car. It was a GMC and it was gray with an LEI sticker. We got into it and drove to the dentist.

The dentist’s office was green, pink, and white. When we went in to see the dentist, my dad checked me in on the clipboard. I needed to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was small and it had a picture of a guy taking a tooth out. When I came out I saw a fish tank. I saw yellow fish and gray fish with orange. Finally they called my name.

My hands were sweating. I always got checked by the same doctor. His name was John B—. He was kind of old. I saw the chair. It was green and white. The room was white. It had a black screen, so when they took x-rays it would show on the black screen. He checked my teeth and he said these are all good. He moved my teeth to see if any were loose. I told him I had two that were loose. He grabbed some kind of gray thing and it kind of looked like the claw of a crab.

He said, “Tell me when it hurts.”

My dad was holding my hand. My hands were so sweaty that I couldn’t even hold my dad’s hands. I was saying a prayer in my mind so everything would come out good. I looked at everything in the room as if I was going to give a lung to somebody. I also had a napkin on top of my clothes so no blood could get onto my clothes. I was wearing my school clothes with my sweater. My hairstyle was up, like spiky. The dentist also had a mask on that was like the ones other doctors wear.

He gave me some shots so I couldn’t feel anything. I also heard some noises that were like clinking because of the claws that look like a crab. I also heard some noises that were from other doctors. The noises sounded painful. Some people were even screaming. I thought this was going to be the worst time of my life, but it wasn’t. It was the greatest time of my life.


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