The Zoom

8 Apr

By Yanely Hinojos-Robles 
3rd Grade

I went to the park to eat pizza. I was super happy. I began to beg my mom to go now. But she said no. Giselle and I were running around and scaring the ducks that were in the lake. Then we sat down to eat salad, vegetables, and pizza. We drank water and juice.

Giselle makes me happy. She makes me feel not left alone and that I belong. But sometimes she makes me feel bad because she gets mean with my brother and makes him feel lonely and that makes me so mad at her. Sometimes she makes my brother as lonely as a penguin in Antarctica.

This day Giselle and I felt nervous about going on the ride.

When we finally went to Lakeside I saw lots of things: like rides, a dirty floor, my family, other families, and people’s phones making videos or taking photos. I heard ride noises and the cars in the street. Also fake cars at Lakeside. I smelled popcorn of all kinds and other types of food. I smelled fresh air and dirt. It was fresh because it had the smell of a breeze. It was cold. I was touching my legs, ears, and arms. They were cold. I was happy.

I finally saw the ride I wanted to get on. I ate ice cream, popcorn, and cotton candy, and drank soda and a lot of water. I had sweaty palms. I felt like I was going to throw up. My heart beat fast. I could barely breathe the fresh air. I thought that it was going to get stuck all the way at the top. But I really, really wanted to get on it. Two of my friends were able to get on it. My mom would be so happy if I could not get on it, because she was worried and scared for me.

The line was suuuuuper long. When there were three more people I got nervous. Then two, then one. As I got closer, the more scared and nervous I got. Finally it was my turn to go. They said yes!

I needed to be brave because I was about to get on the ride. The ride goes up high. It gets stuck, and when you don’t know it’s going to go down it goes down. I got so scared because I thought it was going to get stuck up there forever and was going to break. When they were tying my friend Giselle and me, it was so high I could barely breath. I felt I was going to die. I wanted to get off because I’d never done it before, but I really wanted to do it. For me it seemed dangerous.

Okay, I was on. We went up high. Then it got stuck. There was a squeaking noise. I thought I was going to fall down. When it fell everybody screamed, even my mom, even though she wasn’t on the ride. The reason she was screaming was because she was worried for me.

Finally it was over. I felt proud of myself, like a bee feeling proud of himself for getting a lot of nectar. I was so brave.


One Response to “The Zoom”

  1. mh August 13, 2013 at 1:12 am #

    It is a really nice story

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